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Odd Apples

Every time an apple tree grows from seed, an entirely new cultivar is born. The fruit from that tree will be the first and only of its kind, never known or tasted before.

There are estimated to be 7,000+ named cultivars of apples in the world, a comically intimidating number. Some of these apples look like frogs; some are pink inside; some look psychedelic, and some look like stars. Through photographs of rare & curious apples, “Odd Apples” celebrates the enchanting diversity and odd nature of apples, expanding our perception of what they look like and what they taste like.

The Special Edition book is sold out, but you can get a limited edition print with all of the photos that are found in the books.

The photos are arranged in a continuous side-by-side layout, which allows for William Mullan’s color harmonies to fully take over the page in an interpretation never seen before. Museum quality prints, with beautiful vibrant colors.

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The 128 page book, contains 90 apple still life portraits that represent four years and three seasons of researching, reading, finding, tasting, and photographing. This collection presents a sliver, incomplete by nature, of apples from across the globe. It is an ode to the apple tree and its gift to us—a never-ending source of joy, wonder, and nourishment.

“Odd Apples” is a collaboration between photographer William Mullan and designer Andrea Trabucco-Campos. Beginning with the release of a limited 32-page book in 2018, their “Odd Apples” project developed into an acclaimed photo series, featured in The New York Times, NY Magazine, The Guardian and i-D Magazine.

Photography by William Mullan. Design by Andrea A. Trabucco-Campos.