The Guardian (August 2021)

The apples of an artist’s eye—in pictures

Artist William Mullan’s obsession with apples began in Waitrose in Esher, Surrey. An American kid who moved a lot with his dad’s job, Mullan’s eye was first caught by the Egremont Russet. “It was the ugliest apple I had ever seen. It looked like a gold-sprayed potato. I had to have it. When I ate one, I was overwhelmed, with layers of flavour conjuring the warm cider I drank in the midwest, the roast chestnut stands in London, and the feeling of rolling in rust-coloured leaves on a crisp autumn day.”

Mullan is now a Brooklyn-based brand director for a chocolate-maker, but he still finds time for fruit. His Technicolor, sensuous photographic series Odd Apples is now available as an art book (Hatje Cantz Verlag, £18).

 The Guardian | Odd Apples

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