Mountain Rose

Mountain Rose

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A controversial one! According to PDX Monthly, after the name Hidden Rose was trademarked by an apple producer called Eric Swartz, another orchard began calling their crop Mountain Rose. Both apples are now trademarked, but Mountain Rose seems to be exclusive to Mount Hood River Valley in Oregon. 

 To complicate matters, I do find distinct color differences and flavor variances between the two. Mountain Rose tends to be bigger, far more saturated inside and out (the skin tends to be more yellow-orange than the yellow-green typically seen with Hidden Rose); it also tends to be sweeter and lacks some of the intense tart notes of the Hidden.  Arguably, the particular mix of growing conditions might render something so different in “Mountain Rose” that it perhaps does warrant it’s own name.

Each photo is signed by William Mullan and printed by Brooklyn Archival on Epsom Hotpress Bright, a truly magnificent paper made of 100% cotton, with a heavy grammage of 330gsm. Proceeds will go toward the production of the next edition of Odd Apples.

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Size: 16 x 20 inches
Paper:  Epsom Hotpress Bright 330gsm
Printing: Fine Art Inkjet by Brooklyn Archival

Frame not included.