Riding With A Ghost

Riding With A Ghost

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A phantom in fruit form, this ghostly pale yellow-white wild seedling apple is from a tree spotted by Sean Turley, @therighteousrusset, next to an old farm house near Route 202 in the extinct town of Danville, on the outskirts of Auburn, Maine. After finding the tree, Sean named the apple for its beautifully phantasmal appearance and the song Riding With A Ghost by Songs: Ohia.

Each photo is signed by William Mullan and printed by Brooklyn Archival on Epsom Hotpress Bright, a truly magnificent paper made of 100% cotton, with a heavy grammage of 330gsm.

Please allow two weeks lead time for shipping. We appreciate your patience.

Paper:  Epsom Hotpress Bright 330gsm
Printing: Fine Art Inkjet by Brooklyn Archival

Frame not included.